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Step One is to provide you with the best rates and loan programs to meet your unique needs. There are many ways to structure the financing of a home and we will identify these options and with your input, design the best approach to fit your needs. Armed with that information, we will then provide you with a smooth and educational Home Loan Process; keeping you consistently updated along the way and teaching you the reasons behind each step involved in this process.

Step Two is achieved in our initial consultation with you where we start to identify a plan of action for your financial growth. Acquiring real estate is a major investment and typically accounts for the largest portion of Americans financial portfolio. Strategy7 will assist you in protecting this asset and maximizing your returns in real estate, in addition to providing you with a comprehensive wealth plan.

Buying A Home

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting events of ones lifetime. The investment is one of the largest financial endeavors most people undertake, and with that much stress and anxiety can occur during the process of identifying the home and acquiring it through mortgage financing. The benefits of home ownership are widely known, however many home owners don’t realize what a wealth building platform real estate provides. Our mission at Strategy7 is to assist our clients in looking to the future and developing a plan of action to reach their financial goals.

Getting Started – the Home Purchasing Process
There are 2 major components to purchasing your home in regards to finances: