How we Differ

At Strategy7 of Mortgage Trust, Inc. we always prefer to meet with you in person. Why is this? We feel that the mortgage you ultimately select is a big and very important decision. Our consultation process, which typically lasts 1 hr, touches on all the factors that need to be reviewed prior to making your final decision. We believe you deserve more than a brief phone call and quickly produced Good Faith Estimate. This decision requires ample planning and strategizing which is what you will receive from Mike at Strategy7.

When most seek a mortgage, they tend to look at the mortgage independently of their overall financial picture. The mortgage is viewed as this burden that must be tackled and taken care of quickly. The truth is your mortgage is an integral component of your overall financial picture. With the proper structure put in place, determined by your monthly living and investment/savings goals, the right mortgage can help you attain financial stability and wealth.

You can view feedback from some of our past clients by clicking here.

Meet the Team


Mike Popnoe NMLS 116627 Loan Officer: I formed Strategy7 as part of Mortgage Trust, Inc. in 2008 after many years in the mortgage industry and six years as a software engineer and web developer. I received a bachelor of science degree in finance and marketing from the University of Montana and a post-graduate degree in applied information technology.

My mission is to provide sound financial advice to my clients and guide them toward financial independence. Implementing the right mortgage plan for a particular person's investment strategy is my specialty.

Away from work, I spend time on the basketball and tennis courts, and I like running, skiing (poorly), hiking, traveling, listening to music and spending time with friends and family.


Jennifer Schmidt-Elkins NMLS 269275  Loan Processor:  I joined Strategy 7 of Mortgage Trust in 2009 after 7 years in the mortgage industry. I am very aware that we make a huge impact in our clients’ plans and goals, and am very happy to be a part of some of the most exciting times in our clients' lives. I am dedicated to providing exceptional care for clients, finding them the very best solutions possible and making their experience with Strategy7 of Mortgage Trust a delightful one.  My personal interests focus on family and travel.


Chelsi Woodard NMLS 934868 Associate Loan Officer: I joined Strategy 7 of Mortgage Trust in 2012. Since graduating from Oregon State University my background has been in customer service and work flow management.  I work directly with Mike in helping current and future homeowners discover all of their financing options, preparing analysis and custom plans for their specific goals.  My personal interests revolve around sports (Go Beavs), family, music and reading.

Olivia Gonzales NMLS 1493262 Loan Officer Assistant:  I joined Strategy7 as part of Mortgage Trust in the Spring of 2016 after graduating from Oregon State University.  My background was in management, but I’m very interested in the Portland housing market and am excited to be a part of it.  Outside the office I like to travel as often as possible, hangout on the river, or just simply relaxing and watching Netflix.